Keri Nola & Lloyd Burnett

Keri Nola & Lloyd Burnett

Keri Nola is an Intuitive Psychotherapist, Best-Selling Author, and Conscious Business Coach for Lightworkers. While building and maintaining a thriving clinical practice for nearly a decade, Keri has now expanded her passion for the healing arts by creating a virtual coaching academy to support spiritual entrepreneurs in awakening their gifts to share their products and services with the world. She is on a mission to ignite a global, heart centered revolution that allows healers to have the confidence, clarity, and skills they need to bring more light to the planet at this time.

Lloyd Burnett is a Life Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Spiritual Teacher.  He helps people break through barriers and get into the flow of abundance, peace, and prosperity. Lloyd is a Huffington Post blogger and contributor to MindBodyGreen and the Elephant Journal.

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