Personal Trainer + Holistic Psychotherapist =

Weight Loss Magic.

Go Deeper, Get Lighter is a holistic wellness program that successfully addresses weight loss from the inside out.

Co-created by Award-winning Personal Trainer, Lloyd Burnett and Holistic Psychotherapist, Keri Nola, Go Deeper, Get Lighter programs explore the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of getting lighter by going deeper into issues of the mind, body, and soul often left out in traditional diet and exercise programs.

Using a combination of powerful healing techniques blended with practical tools to easily implement unique nutrition and exercise solutions that work, Go Deeper, Get Lighter is a dynamic personal transformation program.

Go Deeper, Get Lighter products and programs are for people who:

-Have tried EVERY diet and exercise program out there with minimal long-term results

-Are in a love/hate relationship with food and/or exercise

-Know that “getting lighter” is way more than just dieting and exercise, but are at a loss for what else to try

Go Deeper, Get Lighter products and programs are different from everything else you’ve tried because:

- We don’t pretend to be experts about YOUR body. Instead we show up as compassionate guides to help you discover the inner wisdom your body has to make the changes YOU desire.

-We help you lift the hood to figure out why you can’t lose weight and then empower you with tools to get lighter

-We acknowledge the reality that you are more than your physical body and teach you how to honor your mind and soul in ways that invite lasting transformation


Learn about Go Deeper, Get Lighter Co-Creators, Lloyd & Keri…


Lloyd headshot

Lloyd Burnett 

I struggled with my weight and health for many years.  I looked in the mirror too many times and thought, “That can’t be right.” I constantly compared my body to others and was jealous that I wasn’t as lean or toned.  Add to those thoughts an unhealthy relationship to food and the stress of my career, and I finally hit rock bottom.  It was then that I realized that I had the power to experience the body I always wanted, the health I knew I deserved, and the peace of mind I deeply believed was possible.  I learned that diet and exercise weren’t enough.  I had to go deeper.

I lost 45lbs, achieved the body of my dreams, and discovered a world of inner peace that had always been there waiting for me.  I learned to love my body and feel at home in my own skin.IMG_6477


I’m Lloyd Burnett, a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer.  Together with Keri Nola, we’re here to show you exactly how to go deeper so that you too can live in a body you love and experience true health, and the peace that you deserve!





Keri Nola

Keri Nola

I used to hide behind 50 extra pounds and fancy professional credentials. After years of soul-searching and a willingness to go deeper, I realize that my true super power is in my unique ability to hold sacred space for people to face their scary caverns of inner darkness and rediscover their brilliant light.  I love learning, seeking, and witnessing the perfect imperfections in myself and others.  I value compassion and gentleness and know that strength is born from a willingness to be vulnerable. I am passionate about realizing the ways we are all interconnected and believe that getting lighter physically, mentally, and emotionally is our divine birth right. BeforeAfterWeight2final



Hi, I’m Keri Nola, Author, Holistic Psychotherapist, and Founder of Central-Florida based integrative healing center Path to Growth, where I am blessed every day to be actualizing my life purpose of supporting people just like you on your journey to rocking a life you love in a body you love living in. Teaming up with Lloyd Burnett, has brought the missing piece of the puzzle to my work and I’m thrilled that together we have co-created Go Deeper, Get Lighter to use our experience to take people deeper within, to experience the transformation you deserve and desire.




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