Go Deeper Home Coaching Program

Are you tired of diet and exercise programs offering unreasonable promises?

We were too.


Overweight, emotionally exhausted, hiding in pictures, keeping our shirts on at the beach–you name it, we have known the pain of living in bodies we didn’t love.  We tried every diet and exercise program out there and never experienced consistent results.

We used our frustration as momentum to learn the unique language of our own bodies and we got to the bottom of what was really weighing us down.

We are now ready to guide you in going DEEPER so you can get LIGHTER and create a body you love to live in– not just because we’re some skinny “experts” trying to scam you into another get skinny quick scheme, but because we’ve been there and we know what it takes to make the change you want.

Are you ready to join us on a journey to finally living in a body you love?

Personal Trainer & Holistic Health Coach

Keri Nola

Author & Holistic Psychotherapist










During the 4 weeks in our Go Deeper, Get Lighter home coaching program, you will receive: 

    • 4-sixty minute audio recordings (1 each week for a 4 week period)

    • 4- interactive worksheets to accompany each class recording

    • Option to upgrade to a live-webchat coaching call with Go Deeper, Get Lighter Co-Creators and access to private facebook group if you decide you’d like additional support

During the 4 weeks in our Go Deeper, Get Lighter home coaching program, you will learn:

  • How to be empowered when self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns surface around food so they don’t derail your weight loss goals.

  • How to use food as fuel rather reward or punishment.

  • How to take exercise from being a chore to something that you enjoy and can easily implement in your daily routine.

  • How to release fears keeping you from having the body you deserve and desire.

Rest assured that these recordings and mindful, healing worksheets will take you on a weight loss journey through your mind, body, and soul to help you understand your relationship with food and begin the process of healing your food wounds so you can look and feel your best ever!

4 Week Program Breakdown

Week 1: Learn 4 ways to stop thinking and start doing. We’ll give you our fool-proof PLAN OF ACTION that you can implement immediately with ease to address and resolve your patterns of self-sabotage around food.

Week 2: Discover how different foods affect your unique body. We’ll share our dynamic 5 step plan to help you customize your ideal nutritional program so that you can finally live in the body that you deserve and desire.

Week 3: Explore ways to add excitement and joy to exercise that will keep you motivated and accomplishing your goals. Get moving and grooving with our powerful, 3 point exercise plan that is sure to keep you motivated and reintroduce you to the stronger, happier, and lighter you.

Week 4: Explore the emotional patterns that have been keeping you from reaching the physical goals you desire. Learn 3 simple tools to take you deeper within so you can be emotionally, physically, and mentally light and free!

Here’s the deal, If you are willing to show up for yourself and engage in this program, when it’s done, you will be able to:

  • Nourish your mind, body, and spirit with less guilt and shame

  • Meet and transcend cravings with more compassion

  • Discover movement that reconnects you with your body and supports you in releasing unnecessary weight

  • Understand the blocks that have been keeping you from consistently welcoming the healthy body you want

  • Implement an action plan to create a body you love living in




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